MALTEMPO effects

Maltempo effects is a website dedicated to distributing royalty free audio material that can be used in video post production, video games and any other way you can think of. The basic idea behind the project was to create free downloadable sound libraries that can be used directly or as building blocks upon which your own creativity and skills come to play. What you will find in the menu are three basic sections:

1.SFX – various sound effects including different metal, wood, plastic and other types of sounds.

2. Ambience– different location sounds that you can use to create your own backgrounds.

3. Impulse – impulse responses of different rooms that can be imported in your impulse response utility tool.

This is just the beginning. New material will be added on a regular basis. Follow ME on Facebook and Twitter to be among the first to find out about new additions to the libraries. Everything you find in these three sections is completely royalty free to use in any way, except downloading and selling the sounds as your own. The entire audio material is protected with the Creative Commons license and you are encouraged to read what that actually means by clicking on the CC icon. On the other hand you are not allowed to copy, download, redistribute, modify or re-use the visual material presented on this website in any way so please don’t. Feel free to contact ME at any time. Your comments, opinion and ideas are most welcome. Thank you for reading this, now go download the sounds and have fun.